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For the most part, the Doctor doesn't come with any particular content warnings. However, there are moments of his adventures that touch on him being tortured (both mentally and physically, depending on the instance). If you would rather these not come up, let me know, and any reminiscing he might do will steer clear of those particular moments.
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Most of what the Fourth Doctor is capable of doing is reasonably self-contained. However he is both telepathic (largely touch-based) and capable of a form of hypnosis. While he is not much inclined to either go poking around in people's mind or hypnotize people except under particularly dire circumstances, if you would prefer to not have either happen, this is place to let me know!

Additionally, the effects of his hypnotism will not last for more than a day.
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[Even within the confines of the TARDIS, the Doctor has never been the easiest to track down. Especially when it comes to the downtimes between adventures. Which are, admittedly, few and far between, but every now and then he seems to remember that his companions are somewhat less than tolerant of the breakneck pace he seems to prefer, or simply decides that there's no hurry to continue on immediately.

(The latter is, of course, the less common, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen all the same.)

Today is one of those rare occasions. The TARDIS hums silently to herself as she hovers in the Vortex and the console room is distinctly lacking in any sort of Time Lord presence. In fact, if and when Leela should happen to go looking for the Doctor, he doesn't really seem to be anywhere at all - an odd thing, when he usually seems to spend half of his time just sort of passively filling all available space with his presence. On the other hand, someone with a hunter's keen sense might just pick up the sounds of something large move through one of the nearby hallways. Something large and clawed, at that, given the soft and rhythmic clicking of something hard against the floor. And under even that, there's a the soft whisper of cloth brushing along the ground - whatever is in the TARDIS, it's a very strange sort of something.]


Jul. 20th, 2014 12:55 am
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Have any questions/comments/concerns about how I'm playing Four? Let me know in the comments below!

Anon is on; IP-logging is off.
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I'm terribly sorry, but you've caught me while I'm out. Do leave a note, won't you?
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There are great number of things that Four can tolerate when it comes right down to it. Or more than a few rather, depending on who one asks and how one counts it. Having his TARDIS dragged across all time and space and forced down onto some planet that is very certainly not where he'd meant to be. Not to mention that he'd thought he'd seen the last of this sort of request.

But he'd forgotten about the Time Lords. And he's almost certain it is them. There aren't very many people who would have bothered to try. Again. Needless to say, then, he's decided that whatever they want him to do can wait. He's had too much of getting into trouble on other people's behalf later and certainly they'd have to have been aware that he's getting very tired of this repeated instance that he fix whatever problem has come up this time. Right now, he means to take full advantage of his old fishing rod.

(Romana, of course, had insisted that he'd only been doing it to be contrary, and he's not to proud to admit that she's right. He is - and will continue to be - contrary. Especially if it means that they'll stop asking him to pick up the messes.)

So it is that he's set himself up on the banks of the local river with his old fishing pole, quite entirely unconcerned about the local trouble. In fact, he's whistling softly to himself as he waits, and if Romana's gone off to look into things, he hasn't really noticed any.


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